Thursday, June 8, 2017

momlife...the hustle is real.

I realize I haven't posted in a while.  So much is going on, that I don't even journal anymore. Sometimes it feels like I am so busy, I miss things. Big things that are big to me. I am tired today, I just got home from an evening shift and then had to go get party things for my FOUR YEAR OLD's Dinosaur/Starwars Party. Yes, I said that right. Both. Why can't you have both at 4? LOL.
I am sitting here eating my Jenny Craig meal that makes me shudder. I want a steak.   I am making progress, but as with any diet, it is NO FUN.  This one is easy, because the food is ready for you, no thought required... Need that in my life in several situations right now.
Well, planning our 10th wedding anniversary coming up, Father's Day, Vacation, My kiddo's bday, work, end of the year school stuff, swimming lessons, a boarder in our home (again), and just Mom life, is HARD! :) Worth it, but hard!
small update...Goodnight!

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